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Listen to all the fun facts about Vieques right on your phone! Military occupation, pirates ransacking the island, 4000-year-old human remains, and Black Sand Beach are all included for 3 days for only $5!


This audio tour takes you through the island's history with exciting details of a thousand-year-old archeological discovery, through to the prosperous sugar cane era, and into the military expropriations of most of the island by the United States Navy. 

Vieques is part of a 5 island archipelago in the Caribbean that makes up Puerto Rico. It is a prime destination for those who enjoy pristine secluded beaches, snorkeling, and many natural wonders like the world's brightest bioluminescent bay. 


This informative audio is for you if you want to know why there is a mile-long pier that leads into the open ocean, or if you wondered about the pier and the old trains in Esperanza. If you are curious about how Black Sand Beach gets its colors or if you are interested in archeology or how Vieques is tied to the liberation of all of South America, these short informative audio tracks are for you.



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